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Atlas of breast cancer early detection

Reporting and final assessment categories – Final assessment categories – BI-RADS 1


BI-RADS 1 indicates that the breasts are radiologically normal . The breasts are symmetrical and no mass, architectural distortion, suspicious calcifications, or benign findings are seen. If breast ultrasound is performed as a supplementary test and abnormal findings are detected , then the suggested next steps are as follows.
  • If mammography is performed for routine screening, the woman should be reassured and advised about the next round of mammography, depending on her age and relevant screening protocols clinical history, examination findings and any further investigation is done .
  • Diagnosis of BI-RADS 1 in CBE positive woman with breast signs or symptoms may need the treating physician to review the case based on clinical history and examination findings. Further investigation may then be suggested .
  • A diagnosis of BI-RADS 1 on screening mammography in a woman with dense breasts may need further evaluation as required in the clinical setting .


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