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Atlas of breast cancer early detection

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Breast imaging – Mammography technique – Mammography procedure – Additional mammographic views – Introduction


If an architectural distortion, an asymmetry, or a small mass or microcalcifications are detected on standard MLO and CC views, supplementary views may be required. The radiologist may suggest additional views to highlight the morphology seen on screening mammography and plan an image-guided biopsy.
Additional mammographic views may be needed:
  • to capture the detailed morphology of the breast and to improve visualization of the borders of an abnormality or a suspicious area;
  • to differentiate between the presence of a true lesion and a shadow caused by overlapping breast tissues; and
  • to enhance the geometric sharpness of the calcifications image and to reduce blur in order to delineate a cluster of microcalcifications detected on the standard mammographic views.

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