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Visitors and news

Public Health Officer: Arunah Chandran

Dr. Chandran is a Public Health Physician experienced in health system strengthening in Malaysia, a middle income country. Her previous roles have included policy and program development and implementation of interventions for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). She joins IARC in January 2022 as a Public Health Officer. Her work at the Early Detection, Prevention, and Infections Branch (EPR) Branch will focus on identifying global best practices for quality improvement of screening programmes, beginning with Ireland and also implementation of a multi-cancer early detection package to improve cancer outcomes in resource constrained settings.

New publication: Delivering colorectal cancer screening integrated to primary health care services in Morocco: lessons learnt from a demonstration project

Authors of this article published in Cancer journal, described the performance of the colorectal cancer (CRC) screening with faecal immunochemical test offered through existing health infrastructure in Morocco. The study also highlighted facilitators and challenges that must be considered before making any decision to introduce CRC screening in Morocco and resource-constrained settings in general.
View the article.

Cervical cancer awareness month: CBIG-SCREEN project

During January, the cervical cancer awareness month, the CBIG-SCREEN project will be posting short videos to introduce the project. Here you can watch the first, with the project coordinator, Marc Bardou.
View the video and visit the project website.

January is cervical cancer awareness month!

Throughout January, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) will mark Cervical Cancer Awareness Month with a series of posts, including tweets, interviews, and infographics. Stay tuned to the IARC website, www.iarc.fr, the IARC Twitter account, @IARCWHO, and the IARC YouTube channel, IARC WHO, during January to learn more about cervical cancer and the worldwide initiative to eliminate this disease as a public health problem. Read the IARC news

New release (December) of the CanScreen5 platform with new country data

The CanScreen5 IARC Secretariat, following support of country collaborators and validation by our scientific committee, is happy to announce the availability on the CanScreen5 platform of the following country factsheets: Cameroon, and South Africa.
Visit the CanScreen5 website to explore characteristics and performance of cancer screening programmes across the globe in more than 67 countries.

New publication: Implementation research to accelerate scale-up of national screen and treat strategies towards the elimination of cervical cancer

This article published in PrevMed Journal, summarizes an expert advisory group convened by WHO to identify priority implementation research questions for HPV-based screening and treatment interventions in population-based programmes. for countries towards elimination of cervical cancer. Answering these questions could provide actionable guidance for countries towards elimination.
View the article.

Last live session of CanScreen5 Train the Trainers learning programme for Latin American countries

The CanScreen5 Train the Trainers learning programme for Latin American countries has held its fifth live session. This session included a keynote lecture from Dr Ben Anderson, from the World Health Organization, on the Global Breast Cancer Initiative. The participants also reviewed the questionnaire on barriers to cancer screening that will complement the qualitative and quantitative information on cancer screening that they collect. All this information will allow the preparation of a road map to improve cancer screening for each of the countries involved in the training, namely Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala and Uruguay. This live session is the last in the three trainings conducted in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in which 27 countries have participated overall.
Learn more on the CanScreen5 project

CBIG-SCREEN project: site visit to Cluj-Napoca, Romania

06/12/2021 – 07/12/2022
Drs Partha Basu and Isabel Mosquera visited Cluj-Napoca to discuss the protocol for the phase I study in the CBIG-SCREEN project and plan for the capacity assessment of the region to deliver cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and precancer management services. This visit, as well as those to Porto (Portugal) and Tallinn (Estonia), included meetings with the research team and facility visits, and was essential to finalize the capacity assessment protocol and tools, and the protocol for phase I.
Visit the CBIG-Screen website

New publication: Telemedicine and Cancer Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

In this commentary, the authors describe the possible roles of telemedicine to improve services across the cancer care continuum in LMICs, challenges of equitable implementation, and possible strategies to overcome these challenges.
View the publication.

Internal Seminar: Estimating the effects of clinical breast examination (CBE) in India: a modeling study in progress

On Friday 3 December, Dr Partha Basu presented the outcomes of the Indian of the randomized controlled trial to evaluate breast cancer screening by clinical breast examination in Trivandrum District, Kerala, India. Sarocha Chootipongchaivat presented on the modelling work that is based on this specific trial. This modelling work is currently ongoing and is a collaboration between the IARC and the Erasmus MC.
Learn more about the Randomized controlled trial to evaluate breast cancer screening by clinical breast examination in Trivandrum District, Kerala, India project.

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