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Visitors and news

Postdoctoral Fellowships: Ahmadaye Ibrahim-Khalil

01/12/2021 – 31/05/2022
Dr Ibrahim khalil Ahmadaye is a research scientist holding PhD in molecular biology and clinical epidemiology at Registry Cancer Casablanca (Morocco). Join IARC since September 2019 as a post-doctoral scientist, his work interest includes the Burden of cervical cancer attributable to HIV by age-specific with focus in Sub-Saharan Africa and global burden of Kaposi sarcoma by HIV status. Currently his research focus on the systematic review of therapeutic HPV vaccines in clinical trials mainly phase II/III, evaluating the outcomes on the efficacity in cervical cancer, CIN2, CIN3 lesions and other cancers associated.

Visitor: Dr Sarocha Chootipongchaivat

30/11/2021 – 10/12/2021
Sarocha Chootipongchaivat is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam (Netherlands). She is using a microsimulation model (MISCAN-Fadia) to simulate different screening scenarios for various projects related to breast cancer.

New release (November) of the CanScreen5 platform with new country data

The CanScreen5 IARC Secretariat, following support of country collaborators and validation by our scientific committee, is happy to announce the availability on the CanScreen5 platform of the following country factsheets: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, and Morocco.
Visit the CanScreen5 website to explore characteristics and performance of cancer screening programmes across the globe in more than 65 countries.

New publication: Europe’s Path to Eliminating Cervical Cancer as a Public Health Problem

In this letter of general interest published in the The Lancet Regional Health - Europe, authors brings together from a wide array of organisations, which demonstrates the breadth of support from the whole of society to make the elimination of cervical cancer a reality. With this joint statement, the signatories call on countries in Europe to take the lead by implementing the seven priorities to accelerate the path towards eliminating cervical cancer.
View the article.

Launch of the WHO Cervical Cancer Country Profiles

Today on Cervical Cancer Elimination Day of Action WHO published the WHO Cervical Cancer Country Profiles that are available to bring out the current status of cervical cancer for each WHO Member States (194 total) curated from multiple data sources. The profiles include the following information: burden of cervical cancer, primary prevention, secondary prevention and treatment and supportive care. The data presented in the profiles are derived from several sources. Visit the WHO Cervical Cancer Country Profiles.

Launch of the IARC Cervical Cancer Image Bank to aid AI cancer detection

The IARC Cervical Cancer Image Bank website is launched today, to accelerate innovation and ensure the quality of machine learning algorithms for the early detection of cervical precancer and cancer. The launch of this new image bank, on 17 November 2021, marks the first anniversary of the launch of the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer as a Public Health Problem.
Visit the IARC Cervical Cancer Image Bank website and read IARC News.

Virtual conference: Cervical cancer elimination, day of action

On Wednesday 17 November 2021, the World Health Organization will mark the first anniversary of a historic movement, celebrating the first time the world has committed to eliminate a cancer.
Learn more about the Cervical Cancer Elimination movement and watch the livestream.

Virtual conference: London Global Cancer Week - Cancer Control in low and middle income countries on 15th November from 10:30 am - 3:30 pm GMT

London Global Cancer Week convenes leading global cancer organizations and public health agencies to review the global state of cancer, to share best practices and to set the global agenda towards the theme “Shining a light on the global cancer epidemic”. The IARC is one of the participating institutions with WHO and IAEA on 15th November from 10:30 am - 3:30 pm GMT. Following themes will be discussed: (I) Cancer control today: are we on track to achieve SDGs? (II) Effective Cancer Control Planning: Addressing the gaps (III) UN Programmes To Accelerate Implementation (IV) Implementation Research To Guide Program Scale-Up. Free registration and agenda.

Infographics: IARC Handbooks Volume 18: Cervical Cancer Screening

This new infographic summarizes the outcomes of the IARC Handbooks Volume 18 meeting. The Working Group evaluated the effectiveness of five methods of cervical cancer screening in reducing cervical cancer incidence and/or mortality. The Working Group also reviewed the body of evidence and provided statements on the comparative effectiveness of those screening methods that are established to reduce cervical cancer incidence and/or mortality.
View the infographics and read the IARC Press Release 305.

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