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Atlas of breast cancer early detection

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The publication of the Atlas of Breast Cancer Early Detection as an online resource was made possible by the contributions and active support of many individuals.

We gratefully acknowledge the guidance of the late Dr Arun Kurkure, a gynaecological oncologist and breast cancer surgeon in Mumbai, India, with whom we had initiated the first idea in collaboration with the IARC team to develop a specific atlas of breast cancer early detection. We would like to dedicate this work to him.

We acknowledge the staff of the departments of radiology, pathology, and surgery at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Hospital, Mumbai, India, for their help in creating this atlas. We are grateful to our patients who have allowed us to use their photographs, images, and data to be published in this resource. We gratefully acknowledge Dr Sharad Kantharia for his contribution in the hand-drawn sketches he made for the breast anatomy, mammography, and breast ultrasound chapters.

We thank all the reviewers for their essential and constructive feedback on this voluminous work:
  • Dr Behnoush Abedi-Ardekani, Scientist (Pathologist), IARC
  • Dr Andre Carvalho, Scientist, IARC
  • Dr Lucien Frappart, France
  • Dr Hind Mrabti, Professor of Medical Oncology, Morocco
  • Dr Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan, Visiting Scientist, IARC
  • Dr Radhika Srinivasan, India
  • Dr Meenakshi Thakur, Professor, Department of Radiodiagnosis, India
  • Dr Olga Trusova, Visiting Scientist, IARC
  • Dr Beatrice Wiafe Addai, Consultant Breast Surgeon, Ghana

We thank the following providers of images:
  • Dr Andrea Izzotti/AdobeStock.com
  • Dr Anita Gadgil
  • Dr Beatrice Wiafe Addai
  • Dr Behnoush Abedi-Ardekani
  • Ms Malin Bring
  • Ms Morena Sarzo
  • Mr Patrick J. Lynch, 2006. Released under CC BY 3.0.1
  • Dr Prachi Gaddam
  • Dr Sreeya Bose
  • Ms Sophie Moreau
  • Dr Surita Kantharia
  • Dr Susan Cherian
We are indebted to IARC Director Dr Elisabete Weiderpass for her constant encouragement and support to this project.

We could not have achieved such a high-quality finished product without assistance from Ms Krittika Guinot of the Early Detection, Prevention, and Infections Branch of IARC. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions and valuable suggestions made by Dr Karen Müller (Managing Editor) and Ms Harriet Stewart-Jones (Technical Editor).

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