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Atlas of breast cancer early detection

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Breast imaging – Mammography technique – Pitfalls in techniques of mammography – Screen artefacts on mammographic image


Interference with image viewing, especially evaluation of breast

Probable cause – screen artefacts on mammographic image
  • When the latent image is processed in the computed radiography system, the screen is passed through rollers and photomultipliers to convert it to a visible image. Abrasion of the screen in the computed radiography system rollers may cause linear screen artefacts.

Optimum maintenance and quality check of the CR system performance allows smooth movement of the rollers and post processing of the latent image to obtain image of adequate diagnostic quality.
  • Ensure that the computed radiography system is regularly maintained and checked for quality. The rollers should move smoothly, and post-processing of the latent image should produce an image of adequate diagnostic quality.


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