Atlas of Colposcopy: Principles and Practice

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Treatment by cryotherapy – Side-effects and complications  

Cryotherapy is a safe procedure with no significant operative morbidity. The possible side -effects and complications are:
  • A little discomfort or cramping in the lower abdomen during and after the procedure
  • Watery vaginal discharge for 2–3 weeks
  • Pelvic infection, requiring antibiotics and supportive treatment – rare
  • Excessive bleeding, requiring hospital admission or blood transfusion – extremely rare
  • Stenosis of the cervix (late complication) – extremely rare
  • Vaginal pain if the probe with the ice ball touches the vaginal walls.
Some women may feel light-headed if they get up from the table immediately after the procedure. Ask the woman to continue lying on the bed for 5–10 minutes after the procedure, to avoid this side-effect.

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