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A digital manual for the early diagnosis of oral neoplasia

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Keratocystic odontogenic tumour is a benign cystic odontogenic tumour charactersied by aggressive clinical behaviour. These lesions are also seen in patients with inherited naevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome. The mandible is involved more frequently than maxilla and is more common in the second and third decades. These treatments appear as multi-locular cysts. Patients may complain of pain or swelling. These lesions may penetrate cortical bone and involve adjacent structures. Radiographically, they appear as well-defined multilocular radiolucencies with very little cortical expansion. Surgery is the treatment of choice. Patients should be carefully followed up after treatment because of the presence of daughter cysts and a tendency for multiplicity and recurrences.



Figure 1: Intraoral inspection revealed a swelling in both buccal and lingual aspect of the mandible. There was malalignment of the molar teeth. The third molar was missing with no history of extraction. On palpation, there was swelling of variable consistency extending from the left mandibular canine to the retromolar area. Aspirated fluid had as straw-coloured appearance.
Figure 2A: Pantomograph showing extensive multilocular radiolucency extending from the distal aspect of the canine tooth (involving almost the whole area of the left side of body of mandible) and extending posteriorly to involve the angle and the ramus reaching up to the condylar neck, zigmoid notch and coronoid process. Figure 2B: Posteroanterior view showing the outward expansion and thinning of the cortical plate.
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