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A digital manual for the early diagnosis of oral neoplasia

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Papilloma is a benign painless exophytic growth with a narrow stalk and containing numerous finger-like projections. The surface of the lesion often appears white. This is more common among middle-aged persons, and there is no gender predilection. Many are thought to be induced by HPV infection. The diagnosis is based mostly on the clinical and also on histopathological characteristics. Spontaneous regression has been described. In symptomatic cases, conservative surgical excision or laser or cryosurgical ablation is recommended. Recurrence following treatment is rare, and no malignant transformation has been reported.

Differential diagnosis:



Figure 1: Papilloma. A growth with finger-like projections on the left buccal mucosa.
Figure 2: Papilloma. A small papilloma with finger-like projections on middle part of the hard palate.
Figure 3: Papilloma. A growth with small projections on the hard palate.
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