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Actinic Cheiloses represent actinic keratoses affecting the lip vermilion. The lip becomes dry, cracked, scaly, pale or white. Squamous epithelium of the lip vermilion may be hyperplastic or atrophic, and shows maturation disorder, varying degrees of keratinisation, cytological atypia and increased mithotic activities. Keratin may be accumulated and form surface plaque. The underlying connective tissue usually shows basophilic degeneration of collagen and elastosis  Pindborg JJ, Reichart PA, Smith CJ, van der Waal I, (1997). World Health Organisation International Histological Classification of Tumours.Histological Typing of Cancer and Precancer of the Oral Mucosa. 2 ed. Berlin: Springer.. Squamous cell carcinoma may D in untreated cases. The diagnosis is confirmed by biopsy. Localized lesions are easily treated with cryotherapy or electrosurgery. Extensive lesions require carbon dioxide laser or scalpel vermilionectomy Dufresne RG Jr, Curlin MU (1997). Actinic cheilitis. A treatment review. Dermatol Surg. 1998 Apr;24(4):490-1.. Avoiding further exposure to the sun and close follow-up is recommended.
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