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Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare heterogeneous group of inherited diseases characterized by formation of bullae of the skin and oral mucosa. Depending on the specific type of epidermolysis bullosa, prognosis varies considerably. Some patients have occasional blisters that do not interfere with their routine activities, but others have blistering of the skin and mucosa that can be life-threatening. The management of this condition consists of supportive care for the skin and other systems, nutritional support, infection support for the wounds, and surgical management if needed. Efforts are underway to develop effective gene and protein therapy for this disease Pai S, Marinkovich MP, (2002). Epidermolysis bullosa: new and emerging trends. Am J Clin Dermatol. 2002;3(6):371-80.. Carcinoma of the tongue has been described, especially in patients with dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa  Pindborg JJ, Reichart PA, Smith CJ, van der Waal I, (1997). World Health Organisation International Histological Classification of Tumours.Histological Typing of Cancer and Precancer of the Oral Mucosa. 2 ed. Berlin: Springer..
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