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These are benign, non-neoplastic, slow-growing, flat-based bony exostoses of the palate or the mandible. Tori located on both sides of the midline of the hard palate are called palatal tori, and those located along the lingual aspect of the mandible are called mandibular tori. Surgical removal is advised only if they interfere with function or inability to seat the denture due to rocking. Tori have such a characteristic clinical appearance and history that differential diagnosis is seldom a problem.

Figure 1: Torus Mandibularis. Note the bilaterally symmetrical nodular bony enlargement in the mandibular premolar region.
Figure 2: Occlusal radiograph (same patient) shows two bilareally symmetrical (arrows) nodular projections of normal bone density in the lingual aspect of the mandibular premolar region.
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