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Sublingual varices is a benign condition characterized by dialated tortuous veins seen on the ventral or posterolateral aspect of the tongue. Individuals notice a blackish discolouration on the ventral or lateral areas of the tongue. The incidence increases with age with no gender predilection. The diagnosis is often based on clinical appearance. No treatment is required for this condition; however, haemorrhagic telangiectasia should be excluded in these individuals.

Figure 1: Lingual varicosities. Note the prominent lingual varicosities on either side of the lingual frenum.
Figure 2: Note the tortuous lingual varicosities on the left ventral surface of the tongue.
Figure 3: Note the hypertrophy of the tissue in the floor of the mouth adjacent to the ventral surface of the tongue due to the absence of teeth. Note the tortuous lingual veins on the ventral surface of the tongue (lingual varicosities) (arrows).
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