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Squamous odontogenic tumour is a rare benign epithelial odontogenic tumour that can be considered as a hamartoma. The mandible is more commonly affected. This tumour appears as a swelling between the roots of erupted permanent teeth. Radiographically, it appears as a triangular or semicircular radiolucency located in the alveolar bone along the lateral surface of teeth roots with the narrow portion towards the alveolar crest. Conservative surgery is recommended.

Figure 1: Squamous odontogenic tumour. Note the diffuse swelling on the left maxilla between canine and first premolar.
Figure 2: This maxillary occlusal radiograph of the same patient shows an inverted pear-shaped unilocular radiolucency between left maxillary canine and premolar region with slight mesial displacement of the canine. The lesion was enucleated surgically. Microscopic examination revealed a squamous odontogenic tumour.
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