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Ameloblastic odontoma is an odontogenic neoplasm characterized by simultaneous occurrence of an ameloblastoma and a composite odontoma. Radiographic features are those of a central destruction of bone with expansion of the cortical plates. Numerous small radiopaque masses, some resembling miniature teeth, are also seen. Management is by conservative resection.

Figure 1: Odontoameloblastoma. CT scan showing a well-circumscribed lesion containing abundant mineralized material and displacing unerupted teeth in a 9–year-old boy.
Figure 2: Odontoameloblastoma located on the left maxilla. Expansile mass in a 19–year-old man. The lesion was known to be present and progressively growing for at least 12 months.
Figure 3: Contrast-enhanced MRI of lesion shown in figure 2, which extends up to midline.
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