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Figure 1: Early carcinoma left commissure. An exophytic 1x1 cm growth in the left commissure.
Figure 2: Carcinoma of the lower lip. Note the punched out ulcerative lesion in the lower labial mucosa with raised and rolled out margins. The disease was caused by chronic irritation and trauma from the upper central incisors which have undergone attrition.
Figure 3: Carcinoma right buccal mucosa. An exophytic growth of 3x2 cm in the right buccal mucosa (posterior) in this 48–year-old woman who chewed betel quid for the past 30 years. Note the tobacco stains and the heavy calculus deposits in the right maxilary molars.
Figure 4: Carcinoma of the tongue. Note the ulceroproliferative growth on the left lateral margin of the tongue.
Figure 5: Carcinoma of the tongue. Note the exophytic growth seen on the right lateral margin of tongue extending to the dorsum.
Figure 6: Early invasive cancer in the floor of mouth. Note the erythematous ulceroproliferative growth in the floor of the mouth (arrow).
Figure 7: Carcinoma of the hard palate. Note the adjacent homogeneous leukoplakia (arrow).
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