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  TRAINING - Course on early detection and prevention of cervical cancer


This training course to screen for (by visual inspection +/- colposcopy) and treat (by cold coagulation/cryotherapy) cervical cancer was designed for medical providers of all levels (gynaecologists, doctors, nurses, midwives, health workers).
The objective was to provide theoretical sessions followed by intensive hands-on experience in both screening by visual inspection, with and without colposcopy, and treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN).
The 3-day course consisted of one day theory (classroom) followed by 2 days of hands-on experience. The course was hosted at Sir Thutob Namgyal Memorial Hospital (STNM) in Gangtok and organized in collaboration with the State Government in Sikkim, which aims to set up state-wide cervical screening by visual inspection and treatment of precancerous lesions by cold coagulation or cryotherapy. This course trained master trainers for the entire state.
Each participant was provided with the necessary training material, i.e. the practical manual on visual screening for cervical neoplasia for nurses, midwives and health workers; the beginners' manual on colposcopy and treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia for gynaecologists and doctors, and a copy of the digital learning series CD-ROM (VIA, VILI, LEEP, Cryotherapy and Cold Coagulation) and the quick reference visual inspection chart (VIA / VILI) for all participants.

The course faculty included:
- Dr P. Usha Rani Reddy (Course Director), MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer Center, Hyderabad, India
- Dr Parthasarathy Basu, Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI), Kolkata, India
- Dr Srabani Mittal, Child In Need Institute (CINI), Kolkata, India
- Dr Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France

Special thanks are due to Dr Dr Yogesh Verma, STNM Hospital, Dr P.M. Pradhan, Mission Director NRHM, Dr R.N. Deokota, HOD, Gynaecology and Dr K. Bhandari, Secretary of Health in Sikkim State.

Introduction to the course
Dr Usha Rani Reddy
(03 Minutes 06 Seconds)

Anatomy and physiology of lower genital tract with particular emphasis on the cervix
Dr S. Mittal
(20 Minutes 22 Seconds)

Introduction to cervical neoplasia and its natural history
Dr S. Mittal
(15 Minutes 37 Seconds)

Introduction to visual screening with acetic acid and Lugolís iodine (VIA and VILI)
Dr Usha Rani Reddy
(57 Minutes 51 Seconds)

Introduction to screen and treat with cold coagulation
Dr R. Sankaranarayanan
(26 Minutes 59 Seconds)

VIA and VILI cases
Dr P. Basu
(31 Minutes 41 Seconds)

Introduction to colposcopy triage, instrumentation and colposcopic appearance of normal cervix
Dr R. Sankaranarayanan
(41 Minutes 27 Seconds)

Colposcopic features of inflammation and other benign conditions of the cervix
Dr P. Basu
(29 Minutes 41 Seconds)

Colposcopic features of cervical neoplasia: cervical precancerous lesions and preclinical early invasive cancer
Dr Usha Rani Reddy
(46 Minutes 06 Seconds)

Treatment of cervical precancerous lesions: LEEP and Cold knife conization
Dr P. Basu
(25 Minutes 42 Seconds)

Minimizing errors in colposcopy
Dr P. Basu
(29 Minutes 52 Seconds)

Pragmatic aspects of scaling up cervical cancer screening in health services
Dr R. Sankaranarayanan
(14 Minutes 29 Seconds)

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