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Peer-reviewed journal articles:

Thulaseedharan J.V., Malila N., Swaminathan R., Esmy P.O., Hakama M., Muwonge R., Sankaranarayanan R. Survival of Patients With Cervical Cancer in Rural India. J Clin Gynecol Obstet. 2015;4(4):290-296.
PMID: None

Lambert R., Saito H., Lucas E., Sankaranarayanan R. Survival from digestive cancer in emerging countries in Asia and Africa. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2012;24(6):605-12.
PMID: 22387886
Sankaranarayanan R., Swaminathan R. Verbal-autopsy-based projection of cancer deaths in India. Lancet. 2012;379(9828):1770-2.
PMID: 22460345

Swaminathan R., Shanta V., Ferlay J., Balasubramanian S., Bray F., Sankaranarayanan R. Trends in cancer incidence in Chennai city (1982-2006) and statewide predictions of future burden in Tamil Nadu (2007-16). Natl Med J India. 2011;24(2):72-7.
PMID: 21668047

Sankaranarayanan R., Swaminathan R., Brenner H., Chen K., Chia K.S., Chen J.G., Law S.C., Ahn Y.O., Xiang Y.B., Yeole B.B., Shin H.R., Shanta V., Woo Z.H., Martin N., Sumitsawan Y., Sriplung H., Barboza A.O., Eser S., Nene B.M., Suwanrungruang K., Jayalekshmi P., Dikshit R., Wabinga H., Esteban D.B., Laudico A., Bhurgri Y., Bah E., Al-Hamdan N. Cancer survival in Africa, Asia, and Central America: a population-based study. Lancet Oncol. 2010;11(2):165-73.
PMID: 20005175

Swaminathan R., Selvakumaran R., Esmy P.O., Sampath P., Ferlay J., Jissa V., Shanta V., Cherian M., Sankaranarayanan R. Cancer pattern and survival in a rural district in South India. Cancer Epidemiol. 2009;33(5):325-31.
PMID: 19853553

2. Du W., Mah J.T., Lee J., Sankila R., Sankaranarayanan R., Chia K.S. Incidence and survival of mucinous adenocarcinoma of the colorectum: a population-based study from an Asian country. Dis Colon Rectum. 2004;47(1):78-85.
PMID: 14719155
Chia K.S., Du W.B., Sankaranarayanan R., Sankila R., Wang H., Lee J., Seow A., Lee H.P. Do younger female breast cancer patients have a poorer prognosis? Results from a population-based survival analysis. Int J Cancer. 2004;108(5), 761-5.
PMID: 14696104

Sankaranarayanan R., Ramanakumar A.V., Yeole B.B. Survival from glottic and supraglottic laryngeal carcinoma in Mumbai (Bombay), India. Oral Oncol. 2003;39(7):656-63.
PMID: 12907204
Wang H., Chia K.S., Du W.B., Lee J., Sankaranarayanan R., Sankila R., Sng I., Seow A., Lee H.P. Population-based survival for cervical cancer in Singapore, 1968-1992. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2003;188(2):324-9.
PMID: 12592234
Yeole B.B., Ramanakumar A.V., Sankaranarayanan R. Survival from oral cancer in Mumbai (Bombay), India. Cancer Causes Control. 2003;14(10):945-52.
PMID: 14750533

Chia K.S., Du W.B., Sankaranarayanan R., Sankila R., Seow A., Lee H.P. Population-based cancer survival in Singapore, 1968 to 1992: an overview. Int J Cancer. 2001 Jul 1;93(1):142-7.
PMID: 11391634
Yeole B.B., Sunny L., Swaminathan R., Sankaranarayanan R., Parkin D.M. Population-based survival from colorectal cancer in Mumbai, (Bombay) India. Eur J Cancer. 2001 Jul;37(11):1402-8.
PMID: 11435072

Yeole B.B., Sankaranarayanan R., Sunny L., Swaminathan R., Parkin D.M. Survival from head and neck cancer in Mumbai (Bombay), India. Cancer. 2000 Jul 15;89(2):437-44.
PMID: 10918177

Graupera Boschmonar M.C., Jimenez Chaviano P.J., Martin Garcia A.A., Galan Alvarez Y.H., Garrote L.F., Sankaranarayanan R. Trends in survival rates of cancer in Cuba. Eur J Epidemiol. 1999;15(6):521-8.
PMID: 10485344

Yeole B.B., Sankaranarayanan R., Jussawalla D.J. Long-term survival from uterine cervical cancer in Mumbai (Bombay), India. Int J Cancer. 1998 Oct 29;78(3):394-5.
PMID: 9766580

Gajalakshmi C.K., Shanta V., Swaminathan R., Sankaranarayanan R., Black R.J. A population-based survival study on female breast cancer in Madras, India. Br J Cancer. 1997;75(5):771-5.
PMID: 9043040

Sankaranarayanan R., Swaminathan R., Black R.J. Global variations in cancer survival. Study Group on Cancer Survival in Developing Countries. Cancer. 1996 Dec 15;78(12):2461-4.
PMID: 8952551

Nandakumar A., Anantha N., Venugopal T.C., Sankaranarayanan R., Thimmasetty K., Dhar M. Survival in breast cancer: a population-based study in Bangalore, India. Int J Cancer. 1995 Mar 3;60(5):593-6.
PMID: 7860132
Sankaranarayanan R., Nair M.K., Jayaprakash P.G., Stanley G., Varghese C., Ramadas V., Padmakumary G., Padmanabhan T.K. Cervical cancer in Kerala: a hospital registry-based study on survival and prognostic factors. Br J Cancer. 1995 Oct;72(4):1039-42.
PMID: 7547219
Sriamporn S, Black RJ, Sankaranarayanan R, Kamsaad S, Parkin DM, Vatanasapt V. Cancer survival in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand. Int J Cancer. 1995 May 4;61(3):296-300.
PMID: 7729937

Nair M.K., Varghese C., Krishnan E., Sankaranarayanan R., Nair B. Survival in multiple myeloma in Kerala. Natl Med J India. 1993;6(1):7-10.
PMID: 8453369

Nair M.K., Sankaranarayanan R., Krishnan E., Padmanabhan T.K., Mayadevi S., Mathew A. Independent predictors of response and disease-free survival in oral cancer treated with radical radiation therapy. Cancer. 1992;69(9):2221-6.
PMID: 1562966

Nair M.K., Sankaranarayanan R. Epidemiologic leads to cancer control in India. Cancer Causes Control. 1991;2(4):263-5.
PMID: 1873456

Padmanabhan T.K., Sankaranarayanan R., Nair M.K. Evaluation of local control, survival and pattern of failure with radiotherapy in cancer of the tongue. Oncology. 1990;47(2):121-3.
PMID: 2314824

Book chapters:

2011 Bah E., Sam O., Whittle H., Ramanakumar A., Sankaranarayanan R. Cancer survival in the Gambia, 1993-1997. IARC Sci Publ. 2011;162:97-100.
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1998 Sankaranarayanan R, Black RJ, Parkin DM. Cancer Survival in Developing Countries. IARC Scientific Publications No. 145. International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, 1998.

Electronic publications:

2011 Sankaranarayanan R., Swaminathan R, Lucas E. Cancer survival in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Central America (SurvCan). IARC Scientific Publications, Lyon, International Agency for Research on Cancer, 2011.

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