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Visitors and news

Section of Early Detection and Prevention (EDP) retreat

The Screening Group (SCR) enjoyed spending time exchanging ideas about current and future EDP projects with our colleagues from the Prevention and Implementation Group (PRI).

Visit from Dr Somasundaram Subramanian, Professor Valentina Nechushkina, Dr Maria Dardyk, and Mrs Anna Gurina, Eurasian Cancer Foundation, Moscow, Russian Federation

20/09/2017 – 22/09/2017
The delegation from the Eurasian Cancer Foundation visited the Group to discuss the possibilities for future colposcopy training courses.

Visit from Dr Tamar Khomasuridze, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and Professors Walter Prendeville and Maggie Cruickshank, International Federation of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy (IFCPC)

18/09/2017 – 19/09/2017
The delegation visited the Group to discuss the progress of the IFCPC-IARC training programme in eastern Europe, India, and the Russian Federation.

Presentation of preliminary results of the pattern of care study to the local principal investigators, Rabat, Morocco

Drs Catherine Sauvaget and Farida Selmouni presented the results to the principal investigators from Casablanca and Rabat, hosted by the Institut National d'Oncologie (INO) of Morocco.

Training session and official launch of the project on factors associated with delayed admission to the oncology centre and late stage at diagnosis in Morocco, Rabat, Morocco

14/09/2017 – 15/09/2017
The Screening Group organized this training session for the local principal investigators and project staff, to officially launch the project and discuss its implementation.

Field visits to Rabat area, Morocco, for colorectal cancer screening pilot demonstration project

12/09/2017 – 13/09/2017
Drs Catherine Sauvaget and Farida Selmouni conducted field visits to participating primary health centres in the surroundings of Rabat to discuss the implementation of the project.

Workshop on cervical and breast cancer screening programme, Ministry of Health, Rabat, Morocco

Dr Catherine Sauvaget presented the Screening Group’s recommendations resulting from their evaluation of the current Moroccan national programme of cervical and breast cancer early detection.

New publication: “Colposcopy and treatment of cervical precancer”

The Screening Group is pleased to announce the publication of IARC Technical Publication No. 45: “Colposcopy and treatment of cervical precancer” by Walter Prendiville and Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan. See IARC Technical Publication 45. View the book.

New publication: “Atlas of colposcopy – principles and practice”

The Screening Group is pleased to announce the publication of the “Atlas of colposcopy – principles and practice”, available online. View the atlas.

Training course for master trainers and nurses on colposcopy, the loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP), cervical cancer screening, and management of preinvasive lesions, Bangkok, Thailand

The Screening Group organized this training course in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute of Thailand, with participants from Cambodia, Indonesia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam.

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