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Inflammatory ectocervix with deep intermediate cells with a nuclear enlargement and superficial eosinophilic cells with a parakeratotic appearance (arrows): non-specific inflammatory changes. (obj. 20x)
Inflammatory ectocervix including parakeratotic cells (arrows) and an intermediate cell with one enlarged nucleus. (obj. 20x)
Inflammatory ectocervix with cytolysis and some parakeratotic cells (arrows). (obj. 20x)
Inflammatory ectocervix with cytolysis and parakeratotic cells (arrows) and intermediate cells with a perinuclear cytoplasmic clearing. (obj. 20x)
Parakeratotic cells. Look for leucoplakia in colposcopy. (obj. 20x)
Benign epithelial pearl in a mildly inflammatory smear. (obj. 40x)
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