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Small sheet of columnar glandular cells with regular nuclei, embedded in cervical mucus. Two squamous cells. (obj. 10x)
Sheet of glandular endocervical cells seen at medium magnification. Compare nuclear sizes of columnar cells and the intermediate squamous cell. (obj. 20x)
Small sheet of normal columnar glandular endocervical cells. (obj. 10x)
Large sheet of columnar cells with regular nuclei, embedded in cervical mucus containing some polymorphs. (obj. 10x)
Sheets of columnar endocervical cells in a bloody and inflammatory background. Note palisading of superficial cells in the largest sheet (arrow). (obj. 10x)
A compact sheet of glandular cells with a palisading upper border. (obj. 20x)
Morphological details of glandular cells, at high magnification. Nuclei are regular and display a discrete nucleolus. (obj. 40x)
A sheet of normal glandular cells. (obj. 20x)
Numerous naked nuclei of endocervical cells dispersed in the mucus. Slight variations in nuclear size are visible. (obj. 10x)
A sheet of glandular cells and isolated parabasal metaplastic squamous cells, in an inflammatory background with polymorphs and histiocytes: specimen of the squamo-columnar junction. (obj. 10x)
Normal glandular endocervical cells, some of them are mucous cells (ellipse). (obj. 20x)
Bloody mucus and a cluster of normal glandular cells. (obj. 20x)
A sheet of well preserved normal glandular cells with some naked nuclei. (obj. 20x)
Columnar glandular cells with nuclei in a basal position. (obj. 20x)
A sheet of glandular cells with a honeycomb appearance and naked nuclei in the mucus. (obj. 20x)
A sheet of normal columnar cells and squamous cells from the transformation zone. (obj. 20x)
Normal columnar glandular cells, with a nuclear polarization, in an inflammatory background with a scattered red blood cells. (obj. 20x)
Different morphological patterns of glandular cells, some of them with polarized nuclei. (obj. 20x)
Some isolated columnar cells with squamous cells and mucus with rare polymorphs. (obj. 20x)
Morphological details of cylindrical cells, at high magnification. (obj. 40x)
Normal endocervical glandular cells, cubic or cylindrical, without secretion. Polymorphs. (obj. 40x)
Morphological details of naked nuclei from glandular cells and slight variations in size. (obj. 40x)
Liquid-based cytology: morphological details of a cluster of columnar endocervical cells. (obj. 40x)
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