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Repair cells (clear chromatin and nucleoli)? Immature or transitional metaplasia (some nuclear grooves)? (obj. 40x)

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scant cytoplasm
Reviewer: Jose Manuel Gutierrez
and nucleoli could be the way to think in adenocarcinoma in situ, but the chromatin is clear
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haa... come on now... AIS?
Reviewer: A L
Ha.. first off, these aren\'t even glandular cells. They are definitely squamous cells. Two items that indicate squamous differentiation: (1) Dense cytoplasm (2) Distinct cell borders. Since this group is sort of clustered, look to cells near the edges. The bottom left-hand cell will has all criteria of squamous differentiation. Next off, these cells and the nuclei are way too round and uniform to be AIS. You should see more elongation in AIS and variation in size and shape. In addition, AIS has marked cellular crowding, these are way too spaced. No peripheral palisading can help, but is not specific...
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