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  APPENDIX 4: Colposcopic terminology

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Normal colposcopic findings
Original squamous epithelium
Columnar epithelium
Normal transformation zone

Abnormal colposcopic findings
Within the transformation zone
   Acetowhite epithelium
      Micropapillary or microconvoluted
   Iodine-negative epithelium
   Atypical vessels Outside the transformation zone, e.g., ectocervix, vagina
   Acetowhite epithelium*
      Micropapillary or microconvoluted
   Iodine-negative epithelium
   Atypical vessels
Colposcopically suspect invasive carcinoma
Unsatisfactory colposcopy
   Squamocolumnar junction not visible
   Severe inflammation or severe atrophy
   Cervix not visible
Miscellaneous findings
   Nonacetowhite micropapillary surface
   Exophytic condyloma

* Indicates minor or major change. Minor changes are acetowhite epithelium, fine mosaic, fine punctation, and thin leukoplakia. Major changes are dense acetowhite epithelium, coarse mosaic, coarse punctation, thick leukoplakia, atypical vessels, and erosion.

Ref: Stafl and Wilbanks (1991)
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