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Atlas of breast cancer early detection

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Case number:172
Clinical presentation:Postmenopausal woman with history of right breast cancer and who had undergone right MRM presented for annual surveillance. On examination, no abnormality was detected in the left breast.


Breast composition:ACR category b (there are scattered areas of fibroglandular density)
Mammography features:

 ‣ Location of the lesion:Left breast, typically benign rim calcifications seen in diffuse distribution
 ‣ Mass:
   • Number:0
   • Size:No mass
   • Shape:None
   • Margins:None
   • Density:None
 ‣ Calcifications:
   • Typically benign:Rim
   • Suspicious:None
   • Distribution:Diffuse
 ‣ Architectural distortion:None
 ‣ Asymmetry:None
 ‣ Intramammary node:None
 ‣ Skin lesion:None
 ‣ Solitary dilated duct:None
 ‣ Associated features:None


BI-RADS Category: 2 (benign)

Case summary:

Postmenopausal woman who had undergone surgery for right breast cancer presented for annual surveillance. Diagnosed as typically benign rim calcifications in diffuse distribution in left breast, BI-RADS 2 on imaging.

Learning points:

  • Long-standing oil cysts in the breast show eggshell rim calcification on mammography, which is a feature that is not seen in simple or complex breast cysts.
  • Oil cysts are benign lesions caused by fat necrosis, either as a result of injury, surgery, or radiation.

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