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Course for Master Trainers on cervical cancer screening and treatment of pre-cancerous lesions, Barshi, India, 16-20 November 2014

Classroom theory session

Morocco has a National Plan for Cancer Prevention and Control where priority is being given to screening for cervical and breast cancers. They have chosen to screen for cervical cancer using visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) and aim to screen a target population of women aged 30 to 50. With this aim in mind the Moroccan Ministry of Health (MoH) in collaboration with the Association Lalla Salma against Cancer (ALSC) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) approached the Screening Group (SCR) at the International Agency for Research on Cancer asking them to organise a master trainers course for 15 Moroccan doctors and gynaecologists. The SCR applied for and obtained funds from the UICC through a GETI fellowship to cover a large portion of costs. The course was hosted at the Nargis Dutt Memorial Cancer Hospital (NDMCH) in Barshi, Maharashtra and was held on 16-20 November and was attended by 14 doctors, 2 Gynaecologists and 2 administrators from the MoH and UNFPA. The programme, carried out in French, included basic theoretical training on
  • Anatomy and physiology of lower genital tract with particular emphasis on the cervix;
  • Natural history and pathology of cervical neoplasia;
  • Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) and Lugolís iodine (VILI);
  • An introduction to colposcopy;
  • Colposcopic appearances of normal, inflamed and other benign conditions of the cervix;
  • Treatment of precancerous lesions by thermo coagulation;
  • Treatment of precancerous lesions by loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP).
Group photo

The theoretical sessions were followed by 2Ĺ days of hands-on training during which each participating trainee received hands-on experience. A total of 122 Indian women attended the screening clinics which offered the opportunity for hands-on training for visual inspection and colposcopy procedures. Among the women screened, 26 were diagnosed with cervical precancerous lesions. Of these, 12 underwent treatment with thermo-coagulation and 14 underwent LEEP procedures, carried out by the participants under supervision of the faculty.

The lectures were all recorded and videos will be available soon. The course was very well received and highly evaluated.

Local participating women waiting to be screened

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