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N E W: Awareness material: Breast cancer video (WHO India)
From WHO India

N E W: Awareness material: Cervical cancer video (WHO India)
From WHO India

N E W: Awareness material: Oral cancer video (WHO India)
From WHO India

N E W: Kill or Cure - Saving Lives
Saving Lives looks at the Advance Market Commitment Scheme, formulated by the GAVI Alliance, that aims to provide pneumococcal vaccines to the developing world. The scheme fixes the price of a drug or vaccine over a ten-year period. Is it going to deliver, what will be the result and how did global health institutions, and the big pharmaceutical companies manage to agree on such a deal?

N E W: Kill or Cure - The real lady killer
In the developing world the leading cause of female cancer deaths is cervical cancer and it kills more than half a million women every year, most in poor countries. New low-tech screening programmes have begun to reduce cancer deaths, but campaigners like, Sarah Nyombi, a politician in Uganda, wants to see more …

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